A Jokers Bizarre - Bedroom Square EP
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A Jokers Bizarre - Bedroom Square EP

w/ Timothy J. Fairplay Rmx.

During their European tour earlier this year, Canadian duo Jokers Of The Scene stopped over for a couple of days at Club Bizarre studio in Northern France. The two pair of producers locked up and came up with Betaville and Breakwater, two killer lo-fi and spaced out tracks. Betaville is a fuzzy dream that will make you dance in slow motion with your head in the clouds. Boasting a strong melodic and nostalgic feel, it unfolds its warm analog synth pads, old school sequences and drum machine to psychedelic effect. Imagine Boards Of Canada wanting to make you dance… Even slower is Breakwater, a dirtier, chunkier track that ditches the softness of Betaville in favour of a more “in your face” bass line and all together rougher attitude. It chugs along to old fashioned beat box claps and percussion and quirky synth melodies. Lastly Betaville gets the Timothy J Fairplay treatment of being violently pulled apart and chucked in all corners. Reminiscent of early Chemical Brothers music, a heavy beat slaps over agressive drugged up analog sound effects while a repetitive, haunting melody screams on top and reverberated vocals whisper in your ears. Scary.

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