Gatos Negros - Overdrive EP
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Gatos Negros - Overdrive EP

w/ Jamie Paton Rmxs.

Gatos Negros come back to Rotten City Files! The duo from Madrid, with their former EP Deus Ex Machina and their live shows, have been confirmed as one of the most exciting projects within the Spanish underground scene. Despite the shortness of their life, Gatos Negros whose members Chris Kong and Rock Serling ( Christian C. & Ruben Watch TV) are also three veterans of the Spanish electronic scene, have joined forces to offer high voltage tracks in which they perfectly combine styles such as Post Punk, Krautrock, Acid and a strong "Madchester" flavour. This EP shows their crafts, with the signature of the fantastic Jamie Paton, Il Est Vilaine and In Flagranti on the remixes. Supported, played and loved by: Trevor Jackson, Matt Walsh, Fairmont, Marvin & Guy, Rodion, Headman, DC Salas, Remain, Tronik Youth, Club Bizarre, Kezokichi, Undo....

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