Jackwasfaster - Straight Edge Dance EP
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Jackwasfaster - Straight Edge Dance EP

We welcome back our boy Jackwasfaster.

After a remix of Gatos Negros and a track on the first label compilation, JackWasFaster solo work brings his darker and more danceable side. The name of the EP (and some samples and references hidden on the tracks) pay homage to his first steps on the musical world as a teenager, used as a way to express the endless personal self-reinterpretation suffered through different stages and the continuous internal struggle between frustration and illusion that comes within. Bitter Pill to Swallow is a 100 bpm dark tune, with roots on synth driven Giallo, that brings to mind some old bunker references. Starting with obscure melodies, the breakdown throws a spark of angry hope, with a synth line that could go on and on endlessly. Curmudgeon is a 3 am bomb, mid-tempo dark disco track. A perfect weapon to fire up a dancefloor. The vocal sample shows in an ironic way the cycle of age, how what once was revolutionary finally ends in a comfort zone against renovation. And how this cycle is contradictory and fascinating at the same time. The track could be seen as a humble attempt to escape from the fate of conformism and domestication, although the way of achieving it is through denial and self-destruction. Gatos Negros remix of Bitter Pill drowns the track on a post punk Madchester acid party and JP Soul reinterpretation is a synth disco massive weapon. It´s Clobberin Time ;).

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