Rotten Citizens Vol​.​2
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Rotten Citizens Vol​.​2

Second from our Citizens series.

Rotten City welcomes new Rotten Citizens. To celebrate our first year of life we are releasing Rotten Citizens vol. II, a compilation that once again is full of talents from around the world. From Madrid, D.Y.O.R, Dos Attack, Silent Echoes and Elvis L.A, plus Iron Blu from London, Curses from Berlin and Sutja Gutierrez from Valencia. To begin with we find "A Ground In The Hole", track that  opens the new D.Y.O.R project (Dig Your Own Rave), formed after the ashes of Gatos Negros and composed of two of its former members (Rock Serling + Christian C.) plus the new add Alvaro Cabana, the label owner. The track is a real statement of what awaits us in the future with this trio that blends synthetic and organic sounds equally and high doses of psychedelic and rock. Sujta Gutiérrez, a very talented Valencian guy who has released works on Sincopat and Nein, brings us a theme of organic nuances that will take us through an inner and outer journey to the roots of mystical electronics. We continue with the legendary Iron Blu (Intergalactic FM / Flight Recorder) this time accompanied by the voice of Rock Serling (D.Y.O.R vocalist). "Sweet Redemption" is a track that plunges us into a dark and narcotic journey that talks about raw inspiration. Our man from Berlin, Curses, show us his personal "Vengeance" in this track that speaks of the need for new energy. This year has been one of struggle, and many legends Have passed away. The universe calls for vengeance and light from the darkest darkness of the night. Dos Attack, owners of the great label Riverette (home to artists like Legowelt or Kornel Kovacs) surprise us with "Masa Madre" a track based on an overdose of Moog arpeggios taken to new heights undreamed of with the addition of irresistible percussion arrangements which give it a very unique feeling and wont let anyone on dancefloor resist. Silent Echoes is a combo formed by two members of the missing Gatos Negros, Christian C. (guitar and bass of D.Y.O.R) and Ivan Smoka (Disco Felino / Superama 3AM) collaborating again with the founder of the label, Alvaro Cabana. They offer us  a 12 minute sound experience where the depth and hypnosis will take us to unexpected places in our mind. Finally, the mysterious Elvis L.A, shows us his love for the real Detroit-inspired deepness with "Rodeo Drive", a  sonic odyssey full of soul and floating vibes.

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