Without Sex (Wolfstream With Sex Rework)
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Without Sex (Wolfstream With Sex Rework)

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Rotten City Edits was born with the intention to rescue some good tracks from the past and give it to them a contemporary touch focused on the dancefloor. Wolfstream are the openers of this free download series. This russian electronic music duo consists of a drummer Anton Berezin and a multi-instrumentalist Grigoriy Babak. They have been forged as an artists in wintry St. Petersburg and absorbed the cold of abandoned manufactories and the sound of empty railroad depot. This time the track choosen is Without Sex from Josef Garret the alter-ego of Patrik Fitzgerald, an english folk-punk singer. Wolfstream share his passion of searching new declaration forms of things that bother his mind. The way he experiments with sound while remaining true to himself is very close to their hearts.

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