Gatos Negros - Deus Ex Machina EP
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Gatos Negros - Deus Ex Machina EP

Our second release // First from the Rotten City Files Series

Rotten City Files is the digital side of Rotten City Records,which is mainly dedicated to release works of spanish artists and newcomers ,although there will be room for established artists as well. The first release on RCF is Gatos Negros’ debut EP “Deus Ex Machina”, which includes four original tracks (and a instrumental version of one of them) with his personal mixture between Slow Motion Acid, Balearic, Post Punk, New Wave, Chug Disco and Indie Pop/Rock with a strong electronic and dancefloor flavour. Also includes huge remixes from croatian producer Squarewave and the fresh and promising spanish guy JackWasFaster. Coming soon on RCF originals and remixes from artists such us Undo (Factor City), Kieran Holden (Tici Taci), Gameboyz (Melomana, Clouded Vision), Cabaret Nocturne (Join Our CLub) or Avanti (Pizzico/Gazeebo International) to name a few.

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