NOZZ - Lost Memories EP
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NOZZ - Lost Memories EP

Who is this guy?

We are very glad to introduce the new digital release from Rotten City which is featured by the mysterious NOZZ. Who is he? Where does he come from? We don't have much information about him, just a track in a compilation on the label Esthetique called "Lotus Noir" and a photo of his childhood. In addition, he has just released these two bombs for the dance floor named Lost Memories I & II, attach below. Both tracks oscillates between Disco & Techno, with Cosmic and Krautrock influences . To complete the ep, three remixes are included. The first on is by the ultra-prolific Italian producer and Dj, Dionigi (usual collaborator of the resident of the legendary club "Cosmic", Daniele Baldelli). The second one, comes with the signature of the french duo Monoblok & PSLKTR with an electroid flavored sound dressed with post-punk guitars. Finally another french guy, Sebastien Tex adds his interpretation of Lost Memories II, which is a pure dance floor banger.

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