Rotten Citizens Vol​.​1
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Rotten Citizens Vol​.​1

Our third release.

We are glad to announce the new release of Rotten City Files, the digital series of Rotten City Records.This second reference of Rotten City Files,stars a selection of artists from different corners of the world such as Madrid, Badajoz, Newquay and Brussels. These "Rotten Citizens" are Kieran Holden (Tici Taci), JackWasFaster, Gameboyz (Melómana) and Cabaret Nocturne (Join Our Club). To whet our appetite, Kieran Holden surprises us with his "Barlick Acid", a track with strong acid flavor as its name suggests it, though it distills a slower motion and deeper envelop than the tipical sound of "summer of love" of 1989. The second track is signed by JackWasFaster, our friend from Madrid who did us the honor of a tremendous remix of "Rockets" from Gatos Negros (Rotten City Files 001). "Granada / Liberación" remains true to his sound full of post-rock harmonies, but this time with a darker touch, resulting in a hybrid mixture with Balearic feeling and gloomy atmosphere. We continue with Gameboyz, these guys from Extremadura (Spain) are experts in rocking any dancefloor. Their song "Tacón Puntera" has all the elements that characterize them: arpeggios inspired by EBM, kick-ass Hi Energy spirit, totally absurd voices and reminiscenses of the "Sound of Valencia" from early 90s that will delight fans of the golden years of "La Ruta". Finally, Cabaret Nocturne elevates us to an epic moment on the dance floor with his "Blind Trust". Deep & Post Punk / New Wave spirit from the hand of one of the new European talents.

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