Rotten Citizens Vol​.​1 Remixes
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Rotten Citizens Vol​.​1 Remixes

First of our Remix Series.

After good reception of our rotten citizens (Kieran Holden, JackWasFaster, Gameboyz and Cabaret Nocturne) in the more rotten music scene, its turn to enjoy the new interpretations of our new underground knights. In this occasion the chosen ones for the chore are Undo (Factor City) from Barcelona, A Best Man Dead (Tici Taci, Sub:Sonic) from London, Avanti (Santa Esperanza, Local Kaffee) from Mexico City and Jonathan Kusuma (I'm A Cliché, Love On The Rocks) from Jakarta. Undo turns the acid odyssey of "Barlick Acid" in an emotional track where the bass guitar and vocoder lead the remix path. A Best Man Dead conserves the profound atmosphere of "Granada / Liberación" and gives it an acid touch giving it an epic and corrosive spirit. Avanti gives a disco-isn turn to “Tacon Puntera” but maintains the evil spirit of the original track. Acid synths, rhythmic guitars and vocals made in Gameboyz give as a result a track to play late at night. Last track is Cabaret Nocturne´s “Blind Trust” remixed by Jonathan Kusuma. It could have been hard but for him it did not take much effort to take the deepness of the original and elevate it to undreamed peaks, giving it a mental touch rather than emotional.

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